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Titanium Impellers
Titanıum Impellers

Designed with the power of a deep-rooted engineering experience, impellers provides the upper segment efficiency and wide operating range for users with the support of CFD technology. They are resistant to structural constraints such as corrosion and particulate abrasion, thanks to Titanium * structures.


The kinetic energy generated by the impeller in the rotational motion enhances the system pressure by converting it into potential energy as the flow passes through the diffuser. The air flow passing through the diffuser and impeller is simulated in a coupled manner in the CFD environment to obtain a low turbulence flow profile with minimum loss and quiet.

IGV (Inlet Guide Vane)
IGV (Inlet Guıde Vane)

The IGV reduces suction port cross-sectional area and provides capacity control in a limited range. The IGV control blades that it possesses increase the efficiency of the compressor by providing swirl flow of suction air.

Tilting Pad Journal Bearing
Tıltıng Pad Journal Bearıng

In order for the high speed pinion shais to be able to bed efficiently, they provide an even distribution of radial loads. They do not need maintenance and replacement under normal operating conditions.

Labyrinth Seal Impeller
Labyrınth Seal Impeller

Labyrinth seals are preferred to ensure sealing between the pressure chamber and the gearbox. The labyrinth seals provide sealing without touching the shai. Hence it removes the friction losses due to sealing and does not need maintenance.

Your Best Choıce

 IHI DALGAKIRAN Turbo Compressors their advanced structure provides high efficiency and reliabity via easy maintenance. This is why IHI DALGAKIRAN Turbo Compressors shall be “YOUR BEST CHOICE”.

User Customızatıon

In the manufacturing workplace, compressed air needs are constantly changing. IHI DALGAKIRAN matches optimal design to your production operation, in order to offer you the best choices. IHI DALGAKIRAN Turbo Compressors are specially designed for the needs of our customers and are based on the location and climatic conditions of the factory where the compressor is located.

Easy Maıntenance

IHI DALGAKIRAN turbo compressors have a simple and robustdesign, in order to reduce maintenance costs. We have worked hard to simplify day to day maintenance procedures so that our products can provide a stable supply of compressed air throughout the year, with minimal maintenance.

Energy Savıng

World class efficiency achieved by utilizing our advanced rotating machinery technology. IHI DALGAKIRAN Turbo Compressors bring high level energy saving to production operations, meeting today's stringent energy saving needs.


Sytsem pressure is monitored  on the control panel. If system pressure rises above the set value , compressor automatically unloads. If system  pressure falls bellow the set value , compressor automatically reloads again. 

This method automatically modulates the inlet guide vane between full load ans minimum stable flow to adjust system pressure demand.


Discharge air pressure is monitored on the control panel. If system pressure reaches the maximum set value ; blow off valve opens slightly an in controlled manner ; air evacuation is done. In this way , discharge  pressure is held stable.

This method automatically modulates the inlet guide vane and blow off valve ; stable discharge pressure is obtained at this point.The most important diffiirence is that,compressor doesn't work at unloading state.

Control System Selection
Control System Selectıon

The compressor's inlet has vanes whose angles can be changed in order to reduce the impeller air intake.This is more effective than using a butterfly valve to add pressure loss in order to reduce airflow,and if the same airflow is discharges, the dynamic power can be kept low.

Intake Temperature Selection
Intake Temperature Selectıon

IHI DALGAKIRAN turbo compressors are designed to operate under the severe/tought summer conditions of ambient temperature 35°C and relative humidity 80%. Lowering the temperature and humidity will improve the drive power ratio accordingly. Therefore , energy saving effect is also obtained by using an "external air intake",suction cool fair from outside.