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Technical advisors for installation and commissioning

Having in-house expertise; it will help to maximize efficiency in the installation and commissioning of compressors and to minimize the risks.

Periodic maintenance services

To maintain the maximum efficiency and reliability of our compressors, our authorized service centers provide planned maintenance, spare parts and technical service.

Maintenance training

The stopping time of the compressors or critical problems are minimized as much as possible with such training.

Operator training

Operators are able to operate the compressor immediately, to carry out daily maintenance and control, and to get rid of problems. IHI DALGAKIRAN original reliable components

The high reliability of IHI DALGAKIRAN's original components is due to the long life of the compressors.

Renewal services

The current IHI DALGAKIRAN Turbo Compressors are updated with the latest updates of our in-house technology.

Flow measurement and electrical energy analysis

The energy efficiency of IHI DALGAKIRAN compressors can be controlled and calculated by
providing these services.